Cathy Doll K Surgy Easy Nose Up Stick 0.5+1.1g

บอกลาดั้งแบนด้วยปากกาดั้งโด่ง Easy Nose Up ปากกาหัวออโต้ปรับจมูกดูพุ่ง 2 in 1
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Product Description

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Say goodbye to flat nose with the help of 2 in 1 Easy Nose Up Stick, an auto twist-up contouring and highlighting pen which is ideal for adding dimensions to your nose  and helps you achieve Korean style nose without any surgery.

How to use

Step 1 Open the cap of the darker shade and apply it on both sides of the nose starting from brows head down to nose wings
Step 2 Open the cap of the lighter shade and apply it on nose bridge to add dimensions. Additionally, you can also create pointed tip nose by using Easy Nose Up Clay at the tip of the nose and apply highlighter to make it more defined.


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