Lip & Eye Pearl Matte Tint 2.4g Baby Bright

Lip & Eye Pearl Matte Tint 2.4g Baby Bright
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The first innovation of pearl matte tint to offer the lively look to the lips, eyes and cheeks. The color is vibrant, easy to blend, long-wearing to help you achieve the pearl matte look which is glamorous and elegant. The Earth tones are inspired by natural barks blended with sparkling pearl that offer warm and gracious look which can be used on all skin colors, for everyday look by applying on the lips, eyes and cheeks. Besides, it contains pearl extract, helps exfoliate inactive skin cells while nourishing dull lip for the result of radiant and soft appearance. It also features the combination of Dictyopteris Oil from deep sea brown seaweed and Astaxanthin from red seaweed that help moisturize the lips, reduce wrinkles and maintain the elasticity. Available varieties of colors.


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